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We had a small wedding on my 18
birthday. Tyler was Kellan’s best man, and Margot stood up for me. It was a perfect day and I had never been happier.

It turns out, I loved college! Who would have thought? I didn’t have the grades to get into Yale, but the community college had a wonderful program, and just a few short years later, I was a full-fledged social worker with a part-time job working for Margot. I loved my job. I had the perfect life. One of the best parts of my job was being able to bring Jenny to work with me.

“Hi,” I said, reaching up to kiss my husband. 

“Hi.” He started to kiss me, but his daughter heard her father and flew into his arms, refusing to allow anyone else near him. She had him wrapped around her little finger and she knew it.

I smiled, watching him get down on his hands and knees and letting her climb onto his back for his nightly game of ‘horsey.’

“Yee-Haw! Giddy-up Daddy!”

I laughed as he reared up and she clung to his neck yelling louder.

“Jenny, why don’t you run into the kitchen and get Daddy a cold drink?” I asked our three year old.

She jumped off and scurried off to do my bidding.

“How was your day, love?” Kellan asked me. “You look tired.”

“I’m fine.”

“Are you ready to go home?”

I smiled up at him. I looked around the room and realized, with the exception of Tyler and his wife Stephanie, I was surrounded by everyone I loved. I had the perfect life.

Margot came around the corner holding Jenny’s hand. Landry was standing in the corner with her husband and Margot’s husband Emery. As I looked around the room, I realized that we finally had the family we’d always wanted. I looked up at the man I’d loved since I was twelve years old and said, “We are home.”

He smiled. 

“Mommy, was I really named after my grandmother?” Jenny asked.

“Yep, your grandmother’s name was Virginia. But, Daddy thought you might like Jenny, for short.”

She nodded and ran off after the stray cat she’d found and brought into the house. Margot never complained, she loved Jenny and that love was reciprocated ten-fold. Jenny called her Grandma and Margot ate it up.

Margot smiled and said, “What are you going to name the next one?”

Kellan laughed and said, “I don’t think we have to worry about that right now.”

I looked up into his baby blue eyes and said, “You might want to start thinking about a couple names.”

He shrugged his shoulders and said, “We didn’t even name Jenny until she was two days old.”

“Well, then I guess you have seven months…and two days,” I smiled.

There were shouts around the room, but Kellan didn’t catch on right away. I put my arms around his neck and waited for it to sink in. 

“Seven months…?” he asked, looking confused.

“And two days,” I smiled.

He picked me up and swung me around. “I love you, Abby.”

“I love you, too!”  And he kissed me…

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13.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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