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Once Billy’s cock was completely drained, he
laughed softly and shook his head before letting his cock slip out
of Sandra’s pussy for the final time. He rolled off her and dropped
down to the bed, lying on his back next to her, his breath quick
and ragged.

So?” Sandra asked, turning
to look at him. “Did you have a good time?”

That’s putting it
lightly,” Billy said. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum three times in a
week, let alone an hour.”

That’s no easy feat,” she
said. “Let me tell you.”

Sorry they were all so

Don’t be,” Sandra said.
“It doesn’t really matter how long you last if you can go multiple
times. Of course, if you want to really please a girl, you’ll have
to learn a few new tricks.”

Yeah, I kind of figured
that,” Billy replied. “The biggest problem is just getting the

That’s the easy part,” she
said. “Opportunity is never more than a phone call away. Assuming
you can afford the charges, of course. Which aren’t really all that
much, actually, considering the lack of auxiliary

What do you mean by

Think about how much it
costs for dinner and a movie these days,” Sandra said. “Plus a
couple drinks at the bar. For what? A chance at maybe getting in
the sack with someone? For pretty much the same price you can get a
guaranteed result. And with someone who knows what they’re doing on
top of that.”

Billy laughed. “That’s true,” he said. “I’ve
never really thought of it that way before. So you wouldn’t mind if
I gave you another call sometime?”

Not at all,” she said. “In
fact, I’m already looking forward to it.”

So am I,” Billy said,
feeling good about himself for the first time in as long as he
could remember. “So am I.”








Eric Carlson is halfway through his third
bottle of wine when there’s a knock on the door of his suite.

He takes one last swig directly from the
bottle then sets it on the table and heads over to answer the door,
the room wavering just a bit from the effects of the wine.

Normally he goes into
these sessions relatively sober but tonight he has a different
plan; to consume as much alcohol as possible before the session
starts. Because even though he’s come a long way in the last couple
of months, Eric still has some inhibitions. He’s just wired that
way. He’s hoping that if he drinks enough he’ll be able to push
past them. He’s not sure it will work out like he’s planning, but
he figures it won’t hurt to try.

He comes to the door and peeks out the
spyhole. Standing there is a short, fully-stacked, raven-haired
beauty wearing blue jeans and an unzipped black leather jacket with
only a lacy bra underneath, showing off her huge, glorious breasts
without absolutely no shame. With her hair cut in a sharp, edgy
style and her face caked with makeup, Tory plays up her sluttiness
to the max, which is exactly what Eric is looking for tonight. A
straight-up slut to run roughshod over.

Eric has been through a really tough couple
of weeks and he wants to take out his anger on someone. Not too
long ago, that would have meant a phone call to Jasmine. But he’s
spent so much time with her lately that he’s starting to develop
feelings for her, which makes it harder and harder to debase her
like he used to. That’s not to say that they haven’t got freakier
with each other as time has gone on, but it their nights together
are no longer rooted in anger. Which, ultimately, is a good

But not tonight. Tonight Eric is pissed off.
And he wants to take his rage out on someone. Which is why he
called Tory a couple of hours ago instead of Jasmine.

He’s been with Tory once before, when she
tagged along with Jasmine for one of their sessions, so he knows
what he’s getting. But because he doesn’t have any feelings towards
her, it’s easier to see her as just a fucktoy, which means he won’t
have to worry about conflicting emotions when he’s treating her
like shit.

Tory knows exactly what she’s getting into
tonight. Eric made that quite clear to her on the phone. And she’s
fine with it. Looking forward to it, actually. Or so she says,
which is good enough for Eric.

He opens the door and lets Tory in and
closes the door behind her.

I wasn’t expecting to hear
from you again,” Tory says as she crosses the room towards the
table with the bottle of wine sitting on it. “I figured you’d give
Jasmine a call whenever you wanted a night like this.”

Normally I would,” Eric
says. “But I was in the mood for something different

Don’t get me wrong,” Tory
says, “It’s fine with me. I was just surprised, that’s all.” She
picks up the bottle of wine. “Do you mind if I have

Be my guest. I’ll get you
a glass.”

Don’t bother,” Tory says.
“I don’t need one.”

She proceeds to take a long swig straight
from the bottle before pulling it from her lips and holding it out
towards Eric.

Smiling, he grabs the bottle from her. “That
wasn’t a very polite thing to do,” he says before proceeding to do
the exact same thing.

Nobody’s ever accused me
of being polite before,” Jasmine replies, matching his

Which is exactly why
you’re here tonight instead of Jasmine,” Eric says.

Fair enough,” Tory says.
“She says hi, by the way.”

Who? Jasmine?”

Tory nods.

You told her you were
coming to see me?” Eric asks.

Of course,” Tory
says. “We talk all the time.”

Is she upset?” Eric

Tory laughs and shakes her head. “No. Not at
all. She understands.”


Yep. She’s flattered,

Is that right?”

It sure is,” Tory says.
“Personally, I think it’s kind of pathetic, but that’s just

Pathetic, huh?” Eric says,
smiling ruefully. He’s not sure if Tory means what she’s saying or
just playing a role, and he doesn’t really care. Either way she’s
helping him get in the right mood for the evening.

Yeah. I mean, we
escorts, in case you
didn’t remember,” Tory continues. “It’s not like she’s your
girlfriend or something.”

Maybe not,” Eric says,
undoing his belt and slipping it off his waist. He grips the buckle
in his fist and rolls the belt over his hand until only six inches
are still sticking out. “But I do have feelings for her. Which
means I’d probably subconsciously take it easy on her. But you I
hardly even know. So I won’t have those same issues.”

He slaps the belt on the palm of his hand.
The sound fills the room like a gunshot but Tory doesn’t even
flinch. Apparently she’s used to this sort of thing. Eric smiles,
his excitement overflowing already.

Are you ready to get
started?” Eric asks, slapping the belt against his hand again, hard
enough to leave a red mark this time.

Whenever you are,” Tory

In lieu of a reply Eric smacks her across
the ass with his belt.

Tory yelps in surprise and takes a small
step forward to maintain her balance. She flashes him a dirty

Surprised you a bit there,
didn’t I?” Eric says, his mouth turned up in a wicked

A little,” she

He smacks her across the ass again, a little
more forcefully. But Tory was expecting it and bites down on her
bottom lip instead of making any sound. She glares at him with
defiance in her eyes.

You’ve got a little bit of
an edge to you, don’t you?” Eric says, laughing softly. He’s
thoroughly enjoying this.

Tory doesn’t bother with a response. She
just continues glaring at him.

That’s good,” he says.
“It’ll make it more gratifying when I break you.”

Tory scoffs. “Break me? You?” She shakes her
head. “It’s never going to happen.”

We’ll see,” Eric says. He
smacks her ass again, even harder.

A flash of pain crosses Tory’s features for
a moment and she makes a little gasping sound. Fortunately her
breath is quickening and her face is starting to flush too, which
means that the pain brings her some pleasure along with it. Which
is exactly what Eric is shooting for.

That one stung a bit,
didn’t it?” he says.

Nothing I haven’t felt
before,” she replies, her mouth turned up in a sneer.

So it’s not too much for

Not even

That’s what I like to
hear,” Eric says. “Because we’ve got a lot further to

Bring it on,” Tory

Oh, I intend to,” he

He unrolls the belt from his fist and runs
the tail through the buckle, creating a loop. Standing face-to-face
with her, he slips the loop over Tory’s neck and tightens it. Not
so much that it’s choking her but not loosely either.

Take your jacket off,”
Eric says.

Tory does as she’s told. If she’s at all
alarmed by the belt around her neck she isn’t showing it.

Now your bra,” he

She slips it off, revealing her huge tits.
Firm but not overly so, floppy but not droopy, they are glorious
and just begging to be played with. He can’t resist. 

Using the belt as a leash, Eric leads her
over to the nearest wall. Once there, he pushes her up against it,
back first.

Open your mouth,” Eric

She does.

Eric puts the tail of the belt between her
teeth, lengthwise, the flat side parallel to the ground.

Bite down,” he

Tory bites down on
the leather.

Don’t drop that belt, no
matter what,” Eric says. “Understand?”

Tory nods.

Good,” Eric says. Then he
starts working her tits with his hands, groping and cupping and
squeezing them before starting in on her nipples, rubbing and
playing with her them until they’re hard.

Once they are both sticking out he grabs
them between his forefinger and thumb, one nipple for each hand. He
starts off by rubbing them between his fingers, gently at first but
gradually increasing the pressure and intensity.

Tory is moaning lightly behind the belt and
her breath is growing ever more rapid. So far, so good.

He rubs her nipples between his fingers for
another couple of seconds, then gives them both a hard pinch,
eliciting a gasp from Tory but not a big enough one to force her to
drop the belt.

Not bad,” he says. “Not
bad at all.”

Despite the compliment, Eric doesn’t let up.
In fact, he squeezes even harder, twisting both hands at the same
time, tweaking her nipples, pulling on them, stretching them

Tory is moaning loudly and her body is
starting to quiver but still she doesn’t let go of the belt.

Likewise, Eric doesn’t let go of her
nipples, pinching them between his fingers and turning them nearly
360 degrees before finally releasing them.

Tory gasps at the sudden absence of pain,
this time nearly dropping the belt from her mouth.

He barely gives her a chance to recover
before slapping down on one of her tits with and open hand. She
grunts behind the belt. He slaps the other tit, eliciting another

For the next minute or so he smacks the hell
out of her tits, trading off, one and then the other, giving her
just enough time to recover in between slaps that she feels the
full force of every single blow.

By the end of the session Tory’s tits are
bright red and her chest is heaving. Tears are leaking from her
eyes, making her mascara run down her face. But based on the tight
set of her jaw and her defiant eyes, she’s far from defeated.

That was pretty
impressive,” Eric says, pulling the belt from her mouth. “You’re
tougher than you look.”

That was nothing,” she
says. “I deal with worse every day.”

I’m sure you do,” Eric
says. He spins the belt so his hand holding it is behind her head,
the buckle pressing up against the skin on the back of her neck.
Then he raises his hand holding the belt over her head, pulling it
tight around her neck, choking her. “And rest assured, you’ll be
dealing with worse tonight. This is only the beginning.”

I can’t wait,” she manages
to croak out even though she can barely breathe.

Laughing, Eric lets his hand drop.

Before Tory can catch her breath, Eric spins
her around and pushes her face-first against the wall.

Without saying a thing, he undoes the belt,
releases it from her neck, sticks the tail in his mouth and bites
down on it. He grabs one of her arms and pulls it behind her back.
Then does the same for her other arm, crossing one of her wrists
over the other.

Holding her arms together with one hand,
Eric reaches for the belt with his free hand. He wraps the belt
around her wrists a couple of times in a figure-eight pattern, then
once again slips the tail of the belt into the buckle and sticks
the prong into one of the holes, effectively handcuffing her.

BOOK: Toxic Filth - 4 Dirty Stories
2.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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