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Once Tory’s arms are incapacitated, Eric
squats down. Reaching around her waist, he undoes the button and
zipper on her jeans and pulls them down, panties and all. He
doesn’t take them completely off, however, instead stopping once
the waistband is just below her ass.

Now her legs are trapped, along with her
arms, rendering her essentially helpless. Time to turn up the

Eric stands up and presses against her, his
groin pushing against the top part of her ass, his cock pressing
painfully against his pants. With his chin over her shoulder he
slides his hand down the front of her body, stopping for a moment
to grope her tits some more before proceeding down her stomach
until his hand is between her legs.

He’s planning on rubbing the outside of her
shaved snatch to get her warmed up but she’s already soaking wet
down there—apparently getting smacked around turns Tory on quite a
bit—so he decides to get right down to business. He slips two
fingers into her pussy and slams them up into her with as much
force as he can muster.

Even in her 3-inch heels, Tory is quite a
few inches shorter than Eric, forcing him to lower his body by
spreading his legs wider in order to get any leverage in their
current position. The upside to this is his groin is now pressing
directly against her ass. Unfortunately his cock is still in his
pants. He’s tempted to pull it out but is afraid he won’t be able
to keep himself from sticking it into Tory, something he’s trying
to hold off on for the time being.

Trying to take his mind off his cock, he
slides a third finger inside Tory’s pussy, causing her to gasp
audibly. Moving his hand back and forth quickly, his fingers
filling up her pussy, Eric fingerfucks her without mercy while she
moans and squirms beneath him.

Every sound Tory makes entices him to bang
her with more force; every time she cries out he pushes his fingers
further inside her, every increase in her breath rate just inspires
him to slam her with more aggression.

Once he thinks she’s getting comfortable, he
forces his pinky inside her pussy, making it four fingers

Tory reacts to this with a high-pitched
whimper. But Eric doesn’t want to hear it. He covers her mouth with
his free hand and continues slamming her pussy with everything he

As soon as she’s used
development, Eric switches it up again, this time pulling his hand
from over her mouth and gripping her around the throat.

He proceeds to choke Tory while he bangs her
with his fingers, tightening his grip with every passing second
without letting up at all on her pussy.

Unable to breathe, Tory starts to fade
quickly. Her face is growing red and her legs are starting to
weaken. Her mouth is slightly open and her lips are moving but just
barely. Her eyelids are fluttering. But still her body reacts to
his fingers: Her pussy is wetter than ever.

It isn’t until Tory’s eyes fall closed and
her head starts to slump that Eric releases his hold on her

Her chest heaves as her body once again
draws air. Her face regains its color and her eyes reopen,
wider—and filled with more excitement—than ever.

This brush with unconsciousness seems to
stimulate Tory even more. She lets out a scream of pleasure as an
orgasm overwhelms her body. Her pussy gushes juices, soaking Eric’s
hand and dripping onto the carpet. Her return to the conscious
world also appears to have heightened her sensitivity, as she
suddenly tries to squirm out of Eric’s grip, twisting her lower
body in an attempt to pull away from his fingers.

Where do you think you’re
going?” Eric says, his smile widening as he shifts his body along
with hers. He doesn’t have any trouble keeping her under control
due to the constraints on her legs and arms.

Tory does manage to turn herself around, so
that her back is now against the wall, but it doesn’t do her any
good. Eric keeps his fingers planted firmly inside her pussy, even
managing to continue banging her as she tries to escape.

Tory drops to the floor, her butt on the
ground, but Eric moves along with her, finger-fucking her more
aggressively now due to the increase in leverage he has over

Tears are streaming down Tory’s face as she
begs him to stop. But her face paints a different picture than her
words; it’s fixed in a mask of pleasure, ecstasy even, and the
cries coming from her mouth are ones of enjoyment, not pain.

Please stop,” she says
between deep breaths. “Please. I need . . . a break.

I thought you said you
could handle anything,” Eric says, still not letting up in the
least even though his forearm is starting to burn with the

Not this,” Tory says, her
chest still heaving uncontrollably. It’s a wonder she can even form
words. “Not this. It feels . . . too good.”

Too good? I didn’t even
know that was possible.”

Neither did I,” Tory says.
“But it does.” She groans and shudders again as another orgasm
passes through. “Please. I’ll do anything you want. Just please . .
. I need a break. I’m begging you.”

You’ll do

With her eyes opened wide with hope, Tory
nods her head vigorously. “Anything. Without complaint.”

Eric stops banging her but keeps his fingers
planted firmly inside her pussy as he pretends to think about her
offer. In reality he’s thinking about how curious it is that
pleasure can works just as well as pain—if not better, in Tory’s
case—when it comes to breaking someone. It’s something he’s never
considered before. But it’s definitely something he’ll keep in mind
for the future.

For now, however, there are more important
issues at hand. Like continuing to impart his will upon Tory, for

With their faces mere
inches away, Eric offers a wicked smile, and says, “Sorry, but I’m
having too much fun right now,” then goes back to slamming his four
fingers inside her pussy.

Tory’s eyes roll back in her head and she
lets out a low, long, visceral moan.

Laughing softly, loving the power he has
over her, Eric bangs her for another thirty seconds or so before
taking mercy on her and letting his fingers slide out of her

Eric barely gives her a chance to recover,
however, before he’s back on his feet. Standing over Tory, he grabs
her by the hair, lifting her up until she’s on her knees with her
head directly in front of his groin. He unbuttons his waistband,
drops his pants, grabs ahold of his rock-hard cock, and sticks it
in her mouth.

Even with her hands tied between her back
Tory has great oral skills. She swallows his cock greedily, going
after it with vigor, moving her head forward and back quickly, her
hair flying everywhere.

Eric lets her do all the work for a little
while before taking control.

Grasping two handfuls of her hair he guides
Tory’s head, giving her his cock in long, slow strokes, holding it
in her throat for a couple of seconds at the end of each thrust
before gradually drawing it back out.

After it clears her mouth he only gives her
a moment to catch her breath before pushing his cock back in and
going through the whole process again.

Tory seems to have no problem handling his
cock, so he leaves it in her throat for progressively longer
periods of time, until finally he decides to see just how much she
can handle.

Still gripping two handfuls of her hair,
Eric slides his cock out of Tory’s mouth. This time he gives her a
chance to fully recover before slipping it back in. He puts his
hands on the back of Tory’s head and pushes on it until his cock
disappears completely inside her mouth.

Once Tory is deepthroating him, Eric holds
her head in place, not letting her move, her nose pressing against
his stomach. There he holds her, his cock planted as deep in her
throat as possible.

Ten seconds in, Tory gags and tries to pull

Where do you think you’re
going?” Eric says, not letting up one bit. Her body doesn’t believe
it right now, but she’s not in any danger. She’s still has way too
much energy to burn.

In fact, to show her that they’re not even
close to being finished, he presses even harder on the back of her
head, forcing his cock further down her throat.

Tory struggles some more, trying desperately
to get some air into her lungs. But still Eric holds her head in
place. She gags again, followed by a deep, resonant cough that Eric
can feel in his cock.

Tory is panicking now, her head shaking from
side to side, her body shucking and jiving, her arms and legs
straining, but because of her bonds she simply doesn’t have the
leverage or the mobility to get away from Eric.

It isn’t until Tory’s protestations become
weaker that Eric finally eases up on the pressure and lets go of
her hair.

Her head snaps back and she gasps for
breath, her chest heaving. Saliva is dripping down her face,
covering her tits, pooling on the carpet. Tears are streaming down
her face, making a mess of her makeup. She coughs and hacks and
lets her head hang down, her body slumped over, exhausted from the

But Eric doesn’t slow down one bit.

With his cock raging as hard as ever, he
circles around Tory until he’s behind her, then forces her head
down onto the carpet. He drops to his knees and nestles in behind
her, then reaches under her hips and lifts them up so her body is
like an upside-down V, with her ass as the highest point.

Tory’s legs are still held closely together
by her jeans, which have slipped down to around her knees but are
holding fast, and her wrists are still bound by the belt. She’s
still essentially helpless. Just like Eric likes her.

With his cock slick from Tory’s saliva, Eric
slips it into her pussy for the first time all evening. It’s a bit
tighter than normal due to Tory’s legs still being pressed together
by her jeans, but her pussy is wet enough that it goes in with only
a hint of resistance.

Tory utters a soft little groan but doesn’t
protest, either with her mouth or her body. She simply doesn’t seem
to have the energy for it right now.

But that changes quickly enough. As Eric
continues slowly and deliberately fucking her from behind her body
naturally reacts to the stimuli. Tory’s not a big talker, but Eric
can tell from the growing intensity of the grunts and moans coming
from her mouth that she is starting to get more and more into

This allows him to gradually pick up the
intensity until he is hammering away at her, his hands around her
hips to pull her back into him with every thrust.

Eric lets go of one of her hips so he can
slap her ass, snapping his open palm into the side of her ass cheek
like he’s a jockey riding a horse down the final stretch.

Tory reacts the same way as a horse would,
bucking back into him with more intensity. But Tory’s positioning,
combined with her incapacitated arms, means she can’t get much
force into her thrusts. So Eric grabs her hair and yanks her head
up, bringing it up to the same level as his, straightening out her
upper body and giving her more leverage to work with.

She takes advantage, using her hips to
hammer her body back into his harder than before, her ass slamming
up against his groin, forcing his cock deeper inside of her.

There you go,” Eric
says as he pulls his hands off Tory and lets her do all the work.
“Back that ass up into me. Show me what you can do, baby. Give me
something to write home about."

Tory does as she’s told, bucking back
against Eric so hard that he has to wrap one arm around her chest
to avoid losing his balance.

Thatta girl,” he says.
“Fuck my cock with your ass.”

Eric’s arm slides up Tory’s body until it’s
clamped around her neck. He grabs her in a headlock, tightening it
down as she continues slamming her ass back against

He reaches up and smacks her in the face
with an open hand.

Tory yelps and stops backing into him.

Don’t stop,” Eric says,
smacking her again, eliciting another startled noise from

She starts up again, less aggressively than

Harder,” Eric says as he
smacks her once again.

Tory backs up against him with more
intensity but still not as much as earlier.

Eric smacks her yet again. His other arm is
still around her neck but not squeezing tightly. “Harder.”

She obliges. By now she’s back to where she
was earlier, practically knocking him backwards with every

Are you deaf? Harder!” he
says, smacking her face for the fifth time.

Tory slams back into him with everything she
has, a guttural grunt coming from her throat as she hammers away at

That’s what I’m talking
about,” Eric says. “Hammer me with that fat ass of

He lets her back into him a few more times
before releasing his hold on her and again pushing her face down to
the carpet. Then he goes back to work on her, returning the favor
by hammering away on her with everything he has.

Eric uses his hands to spread Tory’s
asscheeks, making her pretty little asshole gape. It’s opened wide,
just begging to be played with.

So he does, sneaking his thumb over to the
crack of her ass while he continues fucking her. He gathers up some
saliva and spits on her asshole, then slips his thumb inside.

Tory gasps and curses beneath her breath but
doesn’t protest. In fact, her energy level picks up almost
immediately, along with the pitch of the grunts coming from her
throat. Apparently Eric has found the sweet spot.

BOOK: Toxic Filth - 4 Dirty Stories
8.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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