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I’m lying on the bed in my hotel room
outside of San Francisco, drinking a Jack and Coke and catching up
on baseball games on the television when there’s a knock at my
door. I amble over and look out the peephole. I always like to
check out what I’m getting before letting them in the room, just to
build anticipation. So I look out and see two women, just as I
ordered. One has long brown hair. She’s standing up. The other has
long blonde hair. She’s kneeling on all fours.

Usually I like take a nice, long, look
before letting them in the room. But not tonight. I’ve seen enough.
I scramble to open the door and beckon them to come inside, lest
someone walk by and see them in the hall like that. 

Once the door opens I see that Brownie is
holding a leash that’s connected to choker collar on Blondie’s
neck. Like a dog. Brownie walks in the room first. She gives a tug
on the leash and Blondie follows, crawling on her hands and knees,
her back arched and ass sticking up in the air. I quickly shut the
door behind them.

I could already feel a stirring in my pants;
I’d just ordered two women, nothing more specific than that. But I
like what they’ve sent me. A lot. I had a feeling this was going to
be a very interesting night.

Both women are incredibly hot but in vastly
different ways.

Brownie is slutty but elegant, the sharp
lines of her face framed by her long hair and accentuated by her
pouty lips and a heavy dose of black mascara around her eyes. She’s
dressed in all black, from blouse to skirt to stockings to heels.
Her body is thin and rock hard, toned but not muscular, from her
arms to her washboard stomach to her firm legs and ass. She stands
almost as tall as me in her 4-inch heels and holds herself like the
world begs at her feet. Which is undoubtedly does.

Blondie is her exact opposite. Cute and
young with an innocent smile and big, blue eyes, she’s wearing a
white button-down blouse and an ultra-short, red and black plaid
skirt that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. She’s thin but
her body is softer, not as sharply-lined but still very

Brownie bends down and unclips the leash.
“Go over to the bed and start playing with yourself,” she says to

Blondie turns and heads towards the bed,
still on her hands and knees. Her ass is sticking up in the air and
her short skirt gives me a full view of her round, perfect ass,
which is obscured only by the black dental floss g-string.

Brownie takes my hand and leads me to the
couch while Blondie climbs up onto the bed. Brownie sits me down,
heads over to the table, pours us both a glass of wine, then comes
over and sits next to me. She hands me one of the glasses.

I turn my eyes to the bed, where Blondie has
started going to work on herself. She is sitting up, facing us, her
legs curled beneath her, one hand rubbing her pretty little shaved
pussy while she fondles her exposed breast with the other. Her head
is arched back and her eyes are closed. She’s lost in herself.

Brownie is watching Blondie but her hand is
on top of my crotch, gently rubbing my cock beneath the robe.

Faster,” Brownie

Blondie obliges, rubbing her pussy with
increased intensity.

Now finger yourself,”
Brownie says as her thumb caresses the tip of my cock.

Blondie sticks two fingers in her pussy. She
lets out a little moan as they slide in.

Faster,” Brownie

Blondie’s fingers start moving more rapidly.
In and out, in and out, in and out. Her moans become louder, more

Another one,” Brownie

Blondie sticks another finger inside
herself. She gasps as her fingers fill up her pussy.

Now fuck yourself some
more,” Brownie says.

Blondie’s fingers work her way in and out of
her pussy, from her fingertips to her knuckles,  slowly at
first, then picking up speed. Slapping sounds carry across the room
she’s so wet. Her groans increase with the intensity of her

Harder,” Brownie says.
She’s still watching Blondie intently but now her hand has slipped
under my bathrobe and wrapped itself around my cock.

Blondie does as she’s told, yelping now with
every thrust.

Now taste yourself,”
Brownie says.

Blondie pulls her fingers out of her pussy
and slides them into her mouth, engulfing them. 

That’s so fucking hot,”
Brownie says. She drains the rest of her wine and sets the glass on
the table, then slips off the couch and onto her knees. Facing me,
she pulls her shirt over her head, revealing large, beautiful tits.
She spreads my legs apart then slides in between them, her head
right at my crotch, her mouth mere inches from my dick. She unties
the belt holding my bathrobe closed and pulls it off. Then she
opens the bathrobe, revealing my rock-hard cock.

Brownie grabs my cock and starts to stroke
it. Over her shoulder, she says to Blondie, “Keep fucking yourself
until I tell you to stop.”

Blondie does as she is told without a word,
her hand diving back into her pussy with reckless abandon.

Brownie leans forward and takes the tip of
my cock in her mouth while she strokes my shaft. I lean back and
enjoy the view, flickering my eyes from one girl to the other, one
stroking and sucking my cock, the other writhing on the bed,
fucking herself with her fingers. Life is good.

And it gets even better as Brownie takes my
cock deeper in her mouth. Moving up and down with her lips while
her hand still works my shaft. And then my cock disappears as she
deep-throats me with ease. She holds it there, my cock being
constricted in her tight throat, tongue flicking out and licking my
balls as she continues to hold it, hold it, hold it, then gags and
slides it back out.

Brownie gets up a little higher on her knees
and lets an ocean’s worth of saliva slide out of her mouth and onto
my cock as she jerks me off. The saliva coats my cock, makes it
glisten as she continues moving her hand up and down my shaft. She
dives back in with her mouth, taking the tip of my cock between her
lips and sucking it off. She pops it out a few seconds later and
sticks out her tongue and slaps it with my cock.   

You taste so fucking
good,” Brownie says as she goes back to work on my cock.

On the bed, Blondie now has both tits
hanging out of her shirt. They are glorious specimens, perfectly
proportioned, especially perky. They bounce naturally as she
continues to fuck herself, her fingers deep inside her pussy,
moving quickly in and out, in and out, stretching out her snatch,
her moans growing more intense, her entire body moving in time with
her thrusts. She sees me watching and smiles and pulls her fingers
out and sticks them in her mouth. With her other hand she slaps at
her pussy, once, twice, three times, her body convulsing slightly
with every slap.

Brownie slides my cock out of her mouth and
turns her head towards Blondie. “Stop playing with yourself and get
over here.”

Blondie pulls her fingers out of her pussy
and climbs off the bed.

Get on your knees,”
Brownie says.  

Blondie does as she’s ordered.

Now crawl,” Brownie

Blondie begins to crawl over towards us. Her
back is arched and her ass is sticking up in the air. Brownie sees
me watching Blondie.

You like that, don’t you?”
Brownie asks.

Yeah,” I managed to say
through a parched throat.

Brownie laughs and continues to jerk me off
as Blondie arrives.

Now I have two gorgeous, scantily-clad sluts
between my legs. I think it can’t get any better than this. And
then it does. Blondie and Brownie start kissing inches away from my
cock, which by now feels like it’s going to burst out of its

They make out for a few seconds, getting
into it, tongues deep in each others throat, grabbing each others
tits, and then Blondie is moving down Brownie’s body, kissing her
neck, then sucking on one of her nipples. Brownie grabs Blondie’s
fingers—the ones she had in her pussy a minute ago—and sticks them
in her mouth, sucking the juices clean. With her free hand she
grabs my cock and starts stroking it. Then she moves on from her
friend and again sticks my cock with her mouth.

Communicating via some primal methodology
beyond speech, Blondie detaches from Brownie’s tits and slides in
closer to me, running her finger up my leg as she moves. She cups
her hand around my balls and fondles them as Brownie continues
sucking my cock.

Then Blondie arches her back further and
takes one of my balls in her mouth, sucking on it, gently at first,
then with more force, rattling it around in her mouth, popping it
in and out, then switching balls and giving it the same treatment.
Brownie slides up onto the couch so she’s sitting next to me,
giving them each more room to work. She digs down deeper on my
cock, moving quickly up and down, her lips creating a tight seal,
as Blondie works both of my balls into her mouth. The pressure is
growing as each girl works her own brand of magic. I try to relax
but the sensations are too powerful, too wonderful.

I look down and see nothing but the back of
Brownie’s head. She has completely engulfed my cock. I look at the
mirror across the room and can see the back of Blondie’s head in
the reflection. She’s completely engulfed my balls. I imagine their
lips are touching in the middle.

Oh. My. God.” I say. I
take a deep breath, let it out as slowly as I can.

Brownie slides my cock out of her mouth,
spits on it, jerks it some more. Blondie is still going to town on
my balls.

I feel guilty, like I should be returning
the favor, so I reach over and start rubbing the Brownie’s pussy
through her panties. She immediately starts soaking through them.
She bites on her bottom lip, starts to moan, then leans over and
sticks her tongue down my throat while still stroking my cock. I
slide my fingers inside her panties and start working on her pussy
proper, rubbing up and down on her swollen lips. She breathes
harder and starts moving against my fingers. She’s soaking wet. She
leans back a bit, changing the angle, allowing my fingers to easily
slide into her pussy. I hold them there, rigid, while she gently
bounces up and down on them, harder and harder, her hand moving
faster and faster on my cock, her breath growing more ragged, until
finally she stops and lets out a shuddering breath. She slips off
of my fingers, grabs them, and sticks them in her mouth, sucking
her juices off of them one by one.

When she’s finished tasting herself she
grabs a handful of Blondie’s hair and pulls her head up.

Sit on his cock,” Brownie

Blondie giggles and looks up at me and
smiles. Her eyes are huge as she wraps her hand around the bottom
of my shaft and wiggles her way up. She straddles me and strokes my
cock while her pussy hovers directly above it. Still firmly
grasping my shaft, she sticks the tip of my cock against her pussy
lips and rubs them against each other for a moment before finally
sliding my dick into her. She starts to bounce on my dick, moving
up and down slowly but rhythmically, her shaved pussy tight but
soaking wet, her tits jiggling. She leans into me and sticks her
titties in my face. I grab them, start working the nipples, then
stick one of them in my mouth and start to suck. She moans in
pleasure and starts riding me even harder, her hands grasping the
back of the couch to add leverage.   

Brownie stands up on the couch and pushes my
head deeper into the cushions, then tilts it back so I’m looking up
at the ceiling. Then she throws one legs over me and straddles me
and sits on my face, all but smothering me. She grinds against my
face, allowing me just enough air to breath, her juicy wetness
drenching me. I stick me tongue out and she rides it with her
pussy, moaning the whole time, grinding harder and harder against
me while Blondie rides my cock like a Bronco, bouncing on it faster
and faster. Blondie’s high-pitched yelps as she slams against me
combined with Brownie’s deeper, more guttural growls of pleasure
create a cacophony of pleasure that excites me even further,
pushing me closer to climax, which at this point is mere seconds

Brownie seems to sense how close I am, as
she slides off my face. “Not yet you don’t,” she says as she climbs
off the couch.  “You don’t get to cum until after you fuck

Brownie grabs Blondie by the hair and pulls
her off my cock.

My turn,” Brownie says.
She throws Blondie aside and climbs astride me, impaling herself on
my cock.

Brownie’s pussy is glorious; not as tight as
Blondie’s but even more wet. She works my cock slowly, moving up
and down with well-practiced assurance. She sits atop me like a
conquering hero, staring down at me, her face serious, all
business, her brown hair spilling over her eyes, her bottom lip
between her teeth. With her hands on my chest for leverage, she
grinds on my cock, owning me, using me for her own pleasure. Which
is perfectly fine by me.

Grab my tits,” she

I obey, one hand on each. They are the
perfect size, a little more than a handful, firm and perky.

Squeeze them,” she

Again I obey.

Harder,” she says. “Like
you mean it.”

I squeeze as hard as I can, her nipples
between my fingers. Still bouncing on my cock, she moans and starts
to shake. I squeeze harder. She bounces some more than slams down
into me one last time and then sits there with my cock deep inside
her, shuddering and moaning and breathing deeply and shuddering
some more as I squeeze her tits even tighter, and then she closes
her eyes and arches back and lets out one more deep groan and a
final orgasmic shudder and then takes a moment to catch her breath.
She slides off me, stands up, grabs my cock with her hand, and
pulls me off the couch. 

BOOK: Toxic Filth - 4 Dirty Stories
3.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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