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You like that, do you?”
Eric says, forcing his thumb deeper into her asshole.

I fucking love it,” Tory
says, her voice a guttural growl. Her arms and legs are straining
more than ever against her bonds.

Is that right?” Eric says,
moving his thumb in and out of her asshole while still hammering
away at her pussy. “Do you want me to stick something else in

Fuck yeah,” she

Well then, let’s see what
we’ve got,” Eric says. He pulls his cock out of her pussy. It’s
gleaming with her juices and harder than it’s been all

He desperately wants to slip it into her
asshole but knows that shortly after he does it’ll be all over for
him. And he wants to debase her more before he cums. So he has to
find something else that will do the trick for a little while,
giving him a chance to calm down for a few minutes.

Then he sees something that will work

Smiling, Eric reaches back and snatches the
wine bottle from the coffee table.

He sticks two fingers into Tory’s dripping
wet snatch and bangs her for a few seconds to get some of her
juices to use as lube, then rubs his fingers on the neck of the
wine bottle to help ease the entry.

Before Tory can protest, Eric slips the tip
of the bottle into her asshole. There’s a hint of resistance at
first, but then it slides in quite easily.

Tory gasps and utters a low, wordless moan
of pleasure as Eric slides the wine bottle further into her

He works it carefully, moving it back and
forth slowly and spitting on her asshole with regularity to keep
things nice and wet.

Jesus Christ that feels so
fucking good,” Tory says. Her head is still pressing against the
carpet but her face is turned back to watch the proceedings. “Give
me more. I want the whole fucking thing.”

So Eric does, sliding the bottle into her
asshole until the entire neck disappears.

God-dammit!” Tory says,
her voice dripping with ecstasy.


You’re such a dirty little
slut,” Eric says, laughing under his breath.

She raises her eyebrows twice in succession
and smiles.

Wanting to get back into the action but not
quite ready to replace the wine bottle with his cock, Eric grabs
ahold of Tory’s hair and once again pulls her into a sitting

Still working the wine bottle with one hand,
he sticks his tongue in her mouth and explores her tonsils while
his free hand gropes one of her magnificent breasts.

They continue making out, Eric’s hand
switching over from one of her breasts to the other, always moving,
always exploring, never staying in the same place for more than a
second or two.

It doesn’t take him long to realize he’d
rather have his cock in her mouth than his tongue, so he releases
his hold on the wine bottle—leaving it firmly planted in Tory’s
ass—and shifts his body until he’s once again directly in front of
her. He stands up and grabs ahold of his cock and guides it into
her waiting mouth.

A full minute later Eric is finally ready to
fuck Tory’s ass. He figures it won’t last long but at this point it
doesn’t matter. He simply can’t wait any longer.

Eric slides his cock out of Tory’s mouth and
pushes her head down to the carpet. He walks around the back of her
and pulls the wine bottle out of her asshole. It’s gaping more than
ever, ready and waiting for his cock.

He slaps her ass a couple of times, then
spreads his legs wide and squats down until his cock is hovering
right above Tory’s ass.

Eric spits on his cock and slides it into
her asshole, not bothering to take it slow, just forcing it in
until it can go no further.

Tory gasps and utters a high-pitched yelp
that turns into a full-on squeal as Eric starts pounding away at
her asshole, giving her everything he has, his balls slapping
against her pussy at the bottom of every thrust.

Pushing down on her shoulders, Eric lays
into Tory with all his weight, pummeling her with reckless abandon
as guttural growls escape from her throat.

Tory’s asshole is tighter than her pussy,
but not too tight that it’s a struggle to fuck it. She’s obviously
well-versed in anal sex and able to relax enough to take his cock
with ease.

She can take a pounding too, barely even
flinching as Eric hammers her ass with unbridled intensity. Whether
he’s slapping her ass until it is bright red or pushing her head
into the carpet she takes it like a champ.

He uses his hands to spread her asscheeks,
giving him deeper access to her insides, and still Tory doesn’t
complain. She just takes it like a true fuckslut, uttering nothing
but sounds of pleasure as he owns her ass.

After a good five minutes of fucking her
asshole from behind, Eric decides to mix things up. Even though he
knows he doesn’t have much longer until he blows his load, that’s
all right. He’s ready to finish up. His cock feels like it is going
to burst out of its skin and his body is pining for release. But
first he wants to get Tory in one last position. One that takes
advantage of her assets more than doggy-style.

With this in mind, Eric stands up, pulling
his cock out of Tory’s ass. He undoes the belt holding her arms
together. He pulls her jeans the rest of the way off, releasing her
legs. Then he flips her over.

Dropping to his knees, Eric spreads Tory’s
legs and pushes them back towards her head, raising her hips and
making her asshole more accessible.

Tory instinctively understands where he’s
going and grabs her ankles, holding her legs open.

Eric rubs her cock over Tory’s pussy,
getting it wet with her juices, then slips it into her asshole. He
leans forward until his head is right above Tory’s and grasps her
around the throat with both hands.

Staring down at her, their faces less than a
foot apart, Eric looks right into Tory’s eyes as he fucks her ass
and chokes her at the same time.

You like this, don’t you?”
Eric says.

Tory nods and gasps for breath, her face
turning red, and then going pale from the lack of oxygen.

Eric lets go of her throat with one of his
hands and uses it slap her in the face, still fucking her ass all
the while.

What about that?” Eric
asks. “Do you like that too?”

Tory nods again. Her eyes are gleaming with

Eric also likes it. Too much, in fact. He
doesn’t have much longer at all until he comes. But what time he
still has he’s going to make the most of.

He slaps Tory once more then returns his
hand to her throat and starts squeezing.

It isn’t long before she’s begging for air
once again.

This time, when Eric removes his hand he
slaps her tits. First one, then the other. He gives her just enough
time to catch her breath then starts choking her once more, his
cock still moving in and out of her asshole.

When Tory runs out of breath once again,
Eric lets go of her throat completely. He pumps her asshole one
last time then pulls his cock out and scrambles up the length of
her body. Pinning her legs back with his own, he slides his cock
into her mouth, forcing her to suck her ass juices off his

She does so willingly, cleaning his cock
with unfettered enthusiasm, licking it clean before taking it all
the way down her throat, gagging and choking before he pulls it
back out.

Eric grabs Tory’s ankles and holds them down
on the floor, right next to her head, folding her in half, then
slides his cock back into her asshole and immediately starts
pounding the shit out of her, knowing that his time is very nearly

Tory’s breath is ragged and she’s grunting
and groaning while he pummels her as aggressively as he has all
night, taking himself right to the edge of orgasm.

And then he’s there.

Eric pulls his cock out of her asshole for
the last time just before he’s about to cum.

Seasoned pro that she is, Tory knows exactly
what to do.

Her hand flies down to Eric’s cock and jerks
him to completion, releasing his seed all over her glorious tits,
coating them in white. Five bursts in total, each weaker than the
previous one, and then he’s done.

Eric climbs to his feet, makes his way over
to the bed, and falls back onto it. His head is spinning and his
mouth is dry. Now that he’s finished he’s really feeling the
effects of the two and a half bottles of wine he drank earlier.

He watches as Tory climbs to her feet and
gather her things and head towards the bathroom. Eric waits until
she’s disappeared behind the door before he closes his eyes.

They are still closed a couple minutes later
when he hears Tory finishing up in the bathroom. He lifts his head
up but can’t do more than that.

When Tory comes out she looks like she did
upon arriving, all dressed and made up again and looking none the
worse for wear.

Eric envies her.

Thanks,” he says as Tory
heads for the door. “That was fun.”

My pleasure,” she

I hope you don’t mind if I
don’t see you out the door.”

Not at all,” Tory says.
She seems like she’s in a hurry.

Is everything okay?” Eric

Everything is fine,” she
says as she reaches the door

Eric doesn’t believe her. “Are you

Yeah,” she says, opening
the door. But before she steps out into the hallway, she turns
back. “Actually, it’s not.”

What’s the matter?” Eric
asks, sitting on the edge of the bed now. “Did I do something

No,” she says. “Well, yes.
Sort of.”

Eric flashes her a confused look. “I don’t

Listen,” Tory says. “Don’t
take this the wrong way, but I don’t understand why you couldn’t
have done all this stuff with Jasmine. It’s not like you got out of
line or anything. I guarantee she’s had a lot crazier shit done to
her that what you did to me tonight.”

You really think

Tory gives him a little smile. “I know so.
I’ve been there for some of it. Hell, I’ve done more extreme stuff
to her myself.”

Eric laughs and shakes his head. “I don’t
know . . .”

Trust me,” Tory says.
“That girl is a bigger freak than I am. And that’s saying a lot.
She’d enjoy a night like tonight. Especially with you.”

What’s that supposed to

Well, you didn’t hear it
from me, but she actually kind of likes you. More than girls like
us are supposed to like the men we hook up with.”

Yeah, right,” Eric

I’m serious,” Tory says.
“She talks about you all the time.”


Tory nods.

Eric isn’t sure if he actually believes her
or not but can’t figure out why Tory would lie about something like
this. Unless she just didn’t have a good time tonight and didn’t
want him calling her again. Which was entirely possible, he
supposes. Just not very probable.

Well, I better get going,”
Tory says. “I’ve probably already said too much.”

Eric wants to ask her a few more questions
but he doesn’t want to seem desperate, and besides, she’s already
closing the door behind her so he just lets it go.

He falls back onto the bed and tries not to
think about the implications of Tory’s little confessional there at
the end. Luckily for him the copious amounts of alcohol still in
his system and the total exhaustion from the evening with Tory
combine to send him into a deep, dreamless sleep almost
immediately. He will worry about Jasmine later. Right now it’s time
to recover.








By now, anyone who’s reading this probably
understands that I love escorts. I love everything about them; the
casual, meaningless sex, the ability to get as nasty as you want
without having to deal with the consequences, the opportunity to
try things that you never otherwise would have the chance to, among
other things. A few of you understand where I’m coming from, but
still I find that most people I confide in are constantly
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understand that they are paying for sex by taking a girl to the
movies, or out to dinner, or to a show, or to a club? It may be
indirectly instead of directly, but they are still paying. After
all, those things cost money, right? As do the presents, the
jewelry, the alcohol, and so forth. And what are all those things
ultimately used for? To get the girl in the sack, right? Right. All
I do is cut out the middleman. Why spend all that time trying to
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Those of you stuck in the traditional, old-school ways of doing
things have never had the opportunity. And you most likely never
will. Because regular girls don’t go for that kind of thing. Either
they want you to themselves or they don’t want you around. It’s
rare that you will come across a pair of gorgeous women that will
be willing to share their attention. It just causes too many
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BOOK: Toxic Filth - 4 Dirty Stories
3.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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