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Blondie is on her hands and knees on the
bed, waiting for me, her ass sticking up and facing me.

Brownie leads me to Blondie like a horse to
water, her hand still wrapped around my cock. And then I’m my
thighs are up against the edge of the bed. I’m standing over
Blondie, staring down at her perfect, willing, waiting body, my
rock hard cock poised mere centimeters from her glistening pussy.
Blondie has turned her head to look at me. She’s biting her bottom
lip, watching me, waiting to get fucked.

Brownie drops to her knees and takes my cock
in her mouth, bobbing on the tip a couple times while jerking my
shaft, getting my cock all wet and slippery and hard. She releases
my cock and spins around and starts licking Blondie’s pussy,
eliciting a moan of pleasure from her lips. Then Brownie moves
aside, leaving the way open for me.

I slide my cock into Blondie’s dripping wet
pussy. She gasps and moves her ass back against me, pushing my cock
in deeper, holds it there for a moment, and shudders just a

With my hands gripping her ass cheeks, I
start to work her pussy, moving slowly in and out of her, giving
her my entire cock, from the tip of the head to the back of shaft.
Brownie has stood up and taken a position behind me, rubbing up
against my back, her left arm wrapped around me, her hand caressing
my pectoral muscle.

Harder,” Brownie whispers
in my ear, her voice seductive and nasty. “Fuck her

I start working it faster and faster, until
her ass is slamming up against me and she’s groaning with every

Spread her ass,” Brownie
says. “I want to see her gape.”

I do as instructed, spreading Blondie’s
cheeks apart, widening her pussy.

Blondie is completely into it; her palms are
flat on the bed and her elbows locked, her back arched, her head
thrown back in ecstasy her hair lying on her back, beckoning me. I
reach out and grab a handful of her hair.

That’s right,” Brownie
says, her voice getting nastier with every word. “Now yank it

I do as I’m told.

Blondie yelps and starts to moan louder as
her back arches even further. The leverage is great now and I’m
pounding her pussy deeper than ever before, her tight ass bouncing
against me with increased rapidity and pressure, her moans growing
ever faster and more intense.

That’s right,” Brownie
says. “Fuck her. Harder. Punish her. Make her your

Her words turn me on even more and I crank
back on Blondie’s hair, nearly yanking back off the bed, but still
I pound away, slamming into her pussy, going deeper, deeper, deeper
as Brownie continues to egg me on, practically shouting at me

Fuck her harder,” Brownie
says. “She can take it.” With every thrust she says it






And then I can’t take it anymore and I say,
“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum.”

Cum on her,” Brownie says.
“All over her back.”

And with Brownie egging me on I’m pulling my
cock out of Blondie’s pussy and she turns her head and looks at me
and smiles and I can’t take it anymore and I spasm and feel a great
release of tension and then my seed is squirting all over her back,
once, twice, three times, long arching streams reaching her

And then I’m shuddering. jerking the last
few drops out of my cock, milking it, while Brownie comes around
and makes her way onto the bed and starts lapping up the small
pools of milky liquid that have gathered in the hollows of
Blondie’s back. I shake my head and watch as Brownie collect all my
cum in her mouth. She flips Blondie on her back and climbs until
her face is above Blondie’s and lets the sperm drip from her mouth
into Blondie’s waiting mouth. Then Brownie they switch positions
and Blondie returns the favor, letting the sperm drip back into
Brownie’s mouth and then they kiss, sharing my cum between them. It
ends up in Blondie’s mouth and she looks at me and smiles and
swallows it down.

Brownie and Blondie giggle and I shake my
head, disgusted a little bit but turned on too, then sigh and head
over to the couch to pour a couple glasses of wine for the girls. I
hand them the wine and head into the bathroom to rinse my face with
water. By the time I get out the girls have downed their wine and
started collecting their clothes. I grab my wallet, drop a thousand
dollars on the table near the door and bid them goodbye.

No hassles, no weirdness, no bullshit. Just
sex. Straight up. Just the way I like it. Escorts. Don’t leave home
without them.







Teagan is by far the coolest girl I’ve every

First of all, she’s truly a super-freak, up
for absolutely anything, no matter how perverted or deviant. But
what she likes most is rough sex. Slapping, spanking, bondage, that
sort of thing. The only catch is she dishes out just as much as she
takes. Which scares the hell out most men. But for me it just turns
me on more.

Teagan is also vocal as hell. She talks
constantly, always telling me what she’s going to do to me and what
she wants done to her. With some girls that can get kind of
annoying but with Teagan it never does. Because, unlike most girls,
the words that come out of her mouth are genuine. Not some trumped
up version of what she thinks you want to hear.

I remember the very first time I met her. It
was at a party one of my friends were throwing. I didn’t really
want to go, as I’m not a big socializer and pretty much just hang
out and do my own thing, but they eventually talked me into it. So
to combat my inability to mingle, I took control of the keg,
content to just sit there and fill up everyone else’s cups while
periodically doing the same to my own.

After an hour or so of filling people’s
cups, I started to recognize a few regulars, people who were
drinking as much as I was. They’d give me a little head nod or a
thanks for being the kegmaster and I’d return their brief show of
gratitude with a little gesture. Most of the regulars were men. But
one was a young woman who couldn’t have been a day over 21. She
came over alone every time, got her drink, gave me a little smile,
then went on her way.

She was hot as shit, with long hair that was
dyed a dark red, and a sexy, angular face. Her makeup was skewed
towards gothic without being out of control, with black eyeliner
and red lipstick to match her hair, and I could see part of at
least one tattoo sticking out at the edges of her clothing. She was
dressed like a punk dominatrix, with a tight, black-leather corset,
a long, red and black plaid skirt and black leather boots that
almost reached her knees. With her four-inch boots on, she was just
about my height, which made her right about six feet tall, with a
long, lean, but athletic body. Pale skin, perky tits, long legs,
toned arms and an incredibly tight ass. In short, my dream

As the night went on I found myself watching
her more and more. When she worked the room, it reminded me of
myself, staying on the edges, observing more than mingling,
occasionally saying a few words here or there but not lingering in
one spot for very long. Plus she had a wry little smile on her face
the whole time, and that grin, combined with the look in her eyes,
was a familiar one. It was a look of detached amusement. I saw it
in the mirror all the time.

Hey,” she said after
I’d filled her cup for the sixth or seventh time in that hour.
“Thanks for doing this.”

My pleasure,” I replied
with a smile, trying to play things down, like I always did. A
small part of me wanted to tell her how I’d been admiring her all
evening, but the larger part thought this was a mistake. It would
most like come off as at least creepy and possibly even disturbing,
a couple of traits that never lead to anything at all except maybe
a beat-down. So after holding eye contact with her for a few
seconds, I turned my attention to the next person in

I expected her to move on like she had all
evening, but instead she lingered, even after I started filling up
the cup of the guy behind her. Eventually she climbed up onto the
kitchen counter and sat atop it, a few feet to my left.

Do you live here?” she
asked as I filled up another cup.

No,” I said. “I live a
couple places down.”

But the guys throwing the
party are your friends, right?”


And I take it you felt
obligated to come?”

Exactly,” I said, laughing
under my breath.

Because you don’t really
like these kinds of things, right?”

I turned to look at her. “How did you know

One half of her lips turned up in a grin.
“Because I’m a mind reader.”

Yeah, right,” I said,

Actually, it’s pretty
apparent to anyone who’s been watching,” she said. “The way you’ve
sat here the whole time, filling everyone’s beer without even
starting a single conversation, not even pretending to

It’s that obvious,

She nodded.

Yeah, I guess it is,” I
said, chuckling under my breath. I stood up and walked over towards
her, standing beside her, letting everyone fill their own cups from
now on. “But let’s get to the more important issue

Which is what?”

You’ve been watching me
this whole time.”

That’s right,” she said
immediately, and with no shame whatsoever. “Just like you’ve been
watching me.”

I started to blush and dropped my eyes.

Yep,” she said, answering
my unasked question. “That was pretty fucking obvious

I laughed and shook my head. “Look, I’m
sorry if I made your uncomfortable—”

If it made me
uncomfortable, do you think I’d be over here talking to you about
it?” she said.

No, I guess not,” I

Actually, I’m flattered,”
she said.

Why is that?”

Because of all the hot
girls at this party, you picked me to watch

I guess that’s one way to
look at it,” I said under my breath but loudly enough to be

What I want to know is,
why me?” she asked.

I shrugged.

I know it’s not because
I’m the hottest one here,” she said in a self-deprecating

What makes you so

She tilted her head and flashed me a look of
exasperation. “While I appreciate the flattery, it isn’t
necessary,” she said. “I want to know the truth. Why me?”

Honestly?” I

No,” she replied flatly.
“I want you to lie to me.” She dusted off her beer before adding,
“Yes, honestly.”

It’s because you remind me
of myself,” I said.

In what way?”

It’s the way you worked
the room,” I said after a brief pause to decide whether or not I
wanted to go down this rabbit hole.

How so?” she

It’s hard to

Try,” she said.

You were watching,
observing, lingering, not really a part of anything,” I said, still
holding back for fear of saying the wrong thing.

Keep going,” she

Fuck it,
I thought. Just let it out. And so I

It’s like you think you’re
better than everyone else,” I said. “That they’re beneath you
somehow. That you’re cooler than them, smarter than them, more
evolved than them. But you’re also smart enough to not let them
know how you feel. As far as they’re concerned, you’re one of them,
even though you know that’s the furthest thing from the truth. And
the whole time, you’re trying to decide if it would just be easier
if you
exactly like them: oblivious, banal, satisfied. But you always come
to the conclusion that you’re better off exactly who you are, no
matter how difficult that can be at times.”

I fell quiet. I was
no longer looking at my new friend, but staring blankly at the
window and the darkness outside.

So that’s how you see
yourself?” she asked after a few seconds of comfortable

Yep,” I

Which also means that’s
how you see me,” she said.

It wasn’t really a question but I answered
it anyway with a nod of my head. “Although I have to admit, it’s
strange saying those things out loud. I don’t think I’ve ever
verbalized them before.”

Me neither,” she said
quietly. “But that’s exactly how I see myself too. And, not
coincidentally, you too.”

I looked up at her. “So what happens

Whatever we

And what is it that
want?” I

To find someplace a lot
more private,” she said.

Then follow me,” I said,
holding out my hand. She grabbed it and I helped her off the
counter and to her feet.

BOOK: Toxic Filth - 4 Dirty Stories
6.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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