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I’m Teagan, by the way,”
she said.

I’m Brian,” I

I know,” she said. “Now
let’s go.”

Five minutes later we were back at my place,
making out while groping each other, practically tearing each
other’s clothes off. We’d started going at it immediately after
closing the front door and were still just in the living room. We
hadn’t even bothered to make our way into the bedroom before
getting started.

There’s something I need
to tell you,” Teagan said, breaking things off for a moment. She
was down to her purple bra and black panties and me to my boxers
and socks. Our clothes lay in a heap on the floor next to

I unfurled my arms from her body and took a
step back.

It’s not a big deal,”
Teagan said after seeing the look on my face. “It’s just . . . I’m
not what you’d call a normal girl.”

No offense, but that
doesn’t make me feel any better,” I said, eyeing her sideways. If
she told me she was really a guy I was going to flip my

Teagan must have read my thoughts from my
expression, as she laughed and shook her head. “It’s nothing
horrible,” Teagan said. “I’m not a dude or anything like that.”

That’s good to know,” I
said, trying not to let the depth of my relief show.

It’s just that I like
things a certain way and I’m not shy about telling men what way
that is.”

Well, luckily I’m not a
typical dude,” I said, stepping forward and wrapping my arms around
her once again. “I’m actually know how to follow

Teagan smiled widely and her eyes lit up in
excitement. “That’s good to hear. You wouldn’t believe how many
guys just go and do their own thing without even thinking about
what the girl wants.”

Not me,” I said. “In fact,
I’m just the opposite. When I’m in these types of situations, I
only want wherever the girl wants. That’s what makes me

What’s that?”

Making them happy,” I

Teagan tilted her head and looked at me like
I was an alien from another planet. “Are you serious?”

Completely,” I

That’s not just some
bullshit line you’re feeding me?”

I shook my head from side to side. “It’s the
honest truth.”

Damn, Brian, where have
you been my whole life?”

That’s funny, I was
wondering the same thing about.”

I’m not sure where I’ve
been,” Teagan said, pushing me back against the wall. “But I’m
positive about where I’m going.”

And where’s that?” I

Down, down, down, to the
bottom of the sea,” Teagan sang as she dropped to her

I laughed as she pulled my boxers down
around my ankles. “You’re pretty fucking funny.”

I try,” she said before
taking the tip of my cock in her mouth. I took a deep breath and
let it out slowly and looked down at Teagan’s sexy face as she
worked my cock, sucking on the tip while she jerked me off, her
eyes locked on mine the entire time.

After bobbing on the head of my cock for
half a minute, Teagan took me deeper inside her mouth, more than
halfway down, and held it there for a few seconds before pulling
her head off.

She spit on my cock and started jerking me
off with more intensity. Still looking up at me, she said, “You
have a very nice cock.”

Thanks,” I said

I love sucking on it,”
Teagan added, smiling wryly at my reaction to her words. “Do you
mind if I do it some more?”

Not at all,” I said. “I’d
like that.”

Giggling, Teagan took my cock in her mouth
once again, this time blowing me proper, her lips quickly moving
back and forth along my shaft as wet, sloppy sounds escaped from
her throat.

She sucked my cock like an expert, altering
the speed and depth continuously, keeping me on my toes, staring up
at me the entire time.  When she finally released my cock from
between her lips, it was rock-hard, sticking straight out and
coated with her spit, glistening in the harsh light of the

How are you liking things
so far?” Teagan asked.

I’m loving them,” I

Are you ready to get a
little freakier?”

I can’t wait,” I

Teagan smiled. “That’s what I like to

She grabbed me around the waist and spun me
around so my back was facing the wall, then gave me a shove,
backing me flush against it.

Looking up at me with a devilish smile,
Teagan quickly undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor. After
letting me admire her large, perky, perfect tits for a bit, she
squatted down and grabbed ahold of my cock and smacked it against
her chest.

After taking turns smacking my cock against
each one of her tits a couple of times, she held my cock against
her flesh between them and moved her body up and down,
titty-fucking me.

I took a deep breath, held it, and let it
out slowly.

I take it you enjoy this?”
Teagan said, looking up at me with a nasty little smile.

I nodded.

What about this,” she
asked, dropping her body down and using my cock to slap herself in
the cheek, then opening her mouth and smacking my cock against her
tongue a few times. “Do you like that too?”

I nodded again, more vigorously this time. I
didn’t know if I could speak.

Teagan laughed
softly.  “Yeah, I think you might like it a little
much,” she said.
“Perhaps we should mix things up a bit.”

Sounds good,” I said. I
was all for switching things up, because if we continued on like
this, I would cum way too soon, and neither of us wanted that.
“What do you want me to do?”

Get down on the
floor,” Teagan said. “On your back. I’ll take things from

My pleasure,” I said,
doing as I was told.

As I got into position, Teagan slipped out
of her panties, then took a step forward and put one foot on either
side of my head until she was standing directly above my face, her
chest facing my feet, her ass pointed at my face. She rubbed her
pussy and looked down at me, smiling.

Are you ready for this
sweet pussy in your face?” she asked.

I can’t wait,” I

Smiling, she said, “Neither can I,” then
fell to her knees and dropped her pussy directly onto my face, just
as she’d said she was going to do.

At first Teagan just sat there atop my face,
not moving at all, smothering me with her flesh. After a little
while she started moving back and forth, grinding on my face,
soaking me with her pussy juices while I flicked my tongue around,
exploring her insides.

Not long after that, Teagan reached down and
spread her ass cheeks, giving me deeper access to her pussy.
“That’s a good boy,” she said. “Don’t be shy. Get as far in there
as you can.”

I tilted my head up, forcing my tongue
deeper into her pussy.

There you go,” she said.
“That’s what I’m talking about.”

Getting smothered by Teagan’s pussy turned
me on like crazy. My cock was as hard as a wood plank and sticking
straight up towards the ceiling, just begging for attention.

My, my, my,” Teagan said,
noticing my cock for the first time. “It looks like you’re enjoying
this just as much as I am. Let me help you out with

Leaving her pussy planted firmly on my face,
Teagan leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. I let out an
involuntary groan as she started to blow me, and I returned the
favor by going after her pussy with even more vigor, getting my
fingers involved along with my tongue.

We both gradually increased the intensity
until I was attacking Teagan’s pussy with everything I had while
she slobbered all over my cock.

Some time later, Teagan abruptly rose up,
letting my cock slip out of her mouth, and put all her weight on my
face, making it so I couldn’t even breathe.

Holy fucking shit,” she
said, her voice a deep groan. “Right there, right fucking there!
I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fucking cum!”

A few seconds later she did just that, her
legs shaking violently and her pussy squirting juices all over me,
getting in my hair, my eyes, my mouth, and everywhere in

With my entire face a soaking wet mess,
Teagan crawled forward, pulling her pussy off my head. As I gasped
for breath, trying desperately to fill my lungs with air, she stood
up, then turned herself around so she was facing me, putting one
foot on either side of my body. Then she squatted down, put one
hand on my chest for balance, grabbed ahold of my cock with her
other hand, and slid it into her pussy.

Teagan immediately started working my cock,
bouncing down on me with more and more intensity, my cock going
deeper and deeper inside her pussy with every pump. It wasn’t long
before my cock was completely disappearing inside Teagan, her ass
hammering down onto my body, driving me into the floor. My grunts
and her groans combined to fill up the room with sounds of sex.

After riding my cock for a full minute with
ever increasing aggression, Teagan slammed down onto me one final
time and held her body in place atop mine with my cock deep in her

Teagan took a moment to recover, then
dropped her knees to the floor, straddling me proper. She then
reached back and put her hands on my thighs and leaned back,
arching her spine, tilting her chin towards the ceiling and pushing
her tits out more prominently.

While Teagan went back to riding my cock, I
reached out and grabbed ahold of her tits, one in each hand.

That’s what I’m talking
about,” she said, staring down at me with an intense look. “Squeeze
my tits.”

So I did, squeezing them tightly, causing
her to pummel me even more aggressively. As she hammered herself
down atop me, she glared down at me with fire in her eyes and said,
“Slap my tits.”

I did as I was told, giving her two good
smacks, one on each tit.

That’s right, just like
that,” she said, bouncing up and down on me with her full weight,
our bodies coming together with loud, wet, slapping sounds. “Smack
my fucking tits. Smack them like you mean it!”

I continued smacking away Teagan’s tits
while she impaled herself on my cock. I was enjoying myself
immensely—too much in fact. I needed to take a little break, and
fast, before it was too late.

So, after giving Teagan a few more smacks
for good measure, I slid out from underneath her, forcing my cock
out of her pussy.

What’s the matter?” she
asked, flashing me a confused look.

Nothing,” I said. “I just
need to take a little time to recover before, you know . .

She smiled and nodded knowingly.

But don’t worry,” I said.
“I’ll keep you plenty busy while I recuperate.”

Sounds good to me,” Teagan

I stood up, then reached my hand down
towards her. “May I?”

You may,” she said,
grasping my hand.

I helped Teagan to her feet then picked her
up in my arms and carried her over to the couch while she giggled
playfully and nibbled on my ear. Once there, I dropped her atop the
couch, lengthwise and on her back, so her head was lying on the
pillow nestled into the crevice between the cushions and the
armrest. Then I spread her legs, putting one of them up over the
back of the couch, opening her up to me.

Once she was in position, I held my hand out
in front of my face, showing it to her. It was balled in a fist
except for my index and middle fingers, which were sticking
straight out and pressed together.

The fingers are the great
equalizer,” I said. “The easiest way for a man to guarantee that
any woman comes away satisfied without having to worry about
cumming too soon.”

That sounds like fun to
me,” Teagan said, grinning from ear to ear. “And don’t be shy with
them. Feel free to get them in there and get them

Oh, don’t worry,” I said.
“I will.”

And with that, I leaned forward and slid two
fingers inside Teagan’s pussy.

Teagan took a deep breath and let it out in
a rush as I began exploring around. I started slowly but it wasn’t
long before I settled into a good rhythm, my fingers gliding in and
out of her slick, soaking wet pussy with ease while she moaned and

I gradually increased the intensity,
slamming my fingers inside Teagan’s pussy at a faster pace, her
moans growing more animated as I finger-fucked her with more
aggression. I lifted my body up a little higher, changing the angle
a bit and relieving some of the pressure on my arm.

That’s it, that’s it,”
Teagan said, her voice insistent. “Bang that fucking pussy with
your fingers. Harder, baby. Give it to me harder!”

I was already giving it to Teagan pretty
good, but if she wanted it harder, I had no problem giving it to
her. I rose up even higher, allowing me deeper access to her pussy,
which I took advantage of, pummeling her with everything I had, my
fingers working furiously, the tips curled up so I could rub her
G-spot while I banged away at her snatch.

BOOK: Toxic Filth - 4 Dirty Stories
5.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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