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Once Billy’s cock was back to the point it
had been before cumming the first time—rock-hard and sticking
straight up—Sandra started mixing things up. She pulled her mouth
off his cock and ran her tongue along the underside of it, licking
it from his balls to the tip, maintaining eye contact all the

See?” Sandra said, smiling
up at him. “I told you getting hard again wouldn’t be a

You were right,” Billy

I always am,” she said
before going back to work on his cock, this time going after it
with more intensity.

As Billy looked on with amazement, Sandra
took his whole cock in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down in
fast, rhythmic pumps while her hand  massaged his balls.

After blowing Billy without pause for half a
minute, Sandra dropped her head down one last time, but instead of
pulling back up she held it there, deepthroating him with ease.

She held his cock in her throat for at least
10 seconds before pulling her head back and letting it slide out of
her mouth.

Holy shit,” Billy said,
laughing under his breath.

You liked that, did

I fucking loved

Then you’re going to love
this too,” she said.

Sandra sat a little bit higher up, so her
tits were practically touching Billy’s cock. She gathered up some
saliva and spit it on his cock and worked it in with her hand,
getting it all nice and slippery. Then she leaned forward and stuck
his cock between her tits, squeezing them tight.

Oh my God,” Billy moaned
as she started bouncing on his cock. “That feels so fucking

I told you you’d like it,”
Sandra said, smiling up at him.

And you were right again,”
he said.

Of course I was,” she

Sandra titty-fucked him like she’d done it
hundreds of times—which she undoubtedly had—constantly letting
saliva drip from her mouth, keeping things slick enough that his
cock glided perfectly along her skin.

Squeezing her tits tighter together, Sandra
bounced up and down with more and more speed, the bottom of
her  tits smacking the top of his legs with a fleshy sound at
the tail end of every thrust.

Billy watched, mesmerized as the tip of his
cock poked out from behind her tits, practically touching the
bottom of her chin, only to disappear again a half second later as
she continued titty-fucking him.

Billy was shocked to feel another feel
another orgasm coming on. He never even come twice in one day
before, let alone within minutes of each other. He still had a
little ways to go, but it wouldn’t be long at all before he got

As if able to read his mind, Sandra released
his cock from between her tits. But instead of giving him a chance
to gather himself, she immediately popped the head of his cock into
her mouth and started sucking on it while her hand worked his

It wasn’t long before she was taking his
cock halfway down, her head bouncing up and down more quickly while
her hand released the shaft of his cock and wandered down to play
with his balls.

Looking up at Billy the whole time, Sandra
went after his cock with more urgency, making his cock completely
disappear with every pump, her hair flying everywhere while wet,
gagging sound escaped from her throat and her fingers gently
caressed his balls.

Billy realized he was about to cum and tried
to pull away.

Where do you think you’re
going?” Sandra asked, letting his cock slip out of her mouth and
grabbing ahold of it with her hand.

I’m trying to take a
little break before I cum again,” Billy said.

What’s wrong with cumming
again?” Sandra said, taking a moment to run her tongue up the
underside of his cock before continuing. “Sometimes expending two
bullets is better than one. Especially for someone as wound up as
you are.”

But I haven’t even got to
fuck you yet,” Billy said.

Don’t worry, there will be
plenty of time for that,” Sandra smacked his cock against her cheek
a couple of times. “We’ve still got more than half an hour

But I’ll know if I’ll be
able to get it up a third time.”

You will,” Sandra said. “I
guarantee it. Now just sit back and relax and let me do my

She scooted her legs back, giving Billy a
better view of her plump, round ass and dropping her head a little
further down. Then she took his balls in her mouth and started to
suck on them while her hand stroked his cock.

Oh, all right,” Billy
said, giving in to her demands. “If you insist.”

Sandra played with his balls for a little
while, licking and gurgling them, taking them both in her mouth and
pulling down on his sack while she continued jerking him off,
tightening his skin and increasing the sensitivity.

Holy shit,” Billy said,
his entire body on edge, his hands curled up into fists. “I don’t
know how much more I can handle.”

Taking this as a cue, Sandra released his
balls with her mouth and went back to blowing him proper, her lips
moving up and down on his cock while her hand followed, working his
shaft in perfect harmony with her mouth.

Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Billy
said under his breath as he quickly climbed towards another orgasm.
“I can’t believe I’m gonna fucking cum again!”

Sandra continued blowing him, her eyes
locked on his, her mouth engulfing his cock, making it disappear,
the copious amounts of saliva allowing her to glide over his cock
with just the right amount of pressure.

And then Billy was there, his body bucking
beneath Sandra as a bolt of electricity shot down his spine and his
cock released it’s bounty for the second time that evening. It was
shorter than the first time but more intense, almost painful.

Sandra pulled her mouth of his cock at the
last possible moment, her hand still jerking him off as he came,
sending his milky white sperm shooting all over her tits and

As Billy wound down, Sandra smacked his cock
against her tits a couple times, laughing softly as he flinched.
Then she took his cock in her mouth, sucking on the tip of it,
drawing every last drop from it.

Holy shit,” Billy said,
flopping back onto the couch.

That was good, huh?”
Sandra asked.

Hell yes.”

Better than the first

Smiling, Billy nodded.

Just wait until the next
one,” Sandra said.

I don’t know if I can get
it up again, let alone cum again.”

I thought we already
talked about that,” she said. “It won’t be a problem, trust

I don’t know . . .” Billy

Have I let you down yet?”
Sandra asked.

No, I guess you

What makes you think I’m
going to start now?”

Good point,” Billy

Sandra stood up and held out her hand. “Come
on, get up.”

Where are we

You’ll see.”

Billy took Sandra’s hand and allowed her to
help him up. She led him into the bathroom and turned on the

A little wake-up call,”
she said, climbing in after it had warmed up. “Have you ever
showered with a woman before?”

Billy shook his head.

It’s all about the feel of
things,” Sandra said as the water poured over her. “Just touching
the other person while they’re all wet. Their hair, their bodies,
and especially their skin. Go ahead. Feel free.”

Billy rubbed his hands on her skin, starting
with her shoulders and moving down her arms. The water made her
skin exponentially smoother, almost like oil. He rubbed her tits,
her belly, her thighs. She returned the favor, running her hands
through his wet hair, over his chest, down to his asscheeks.

It doesn’t have to be
overtly sexual,” Sandra said, turning around, giving him her back.
“Just think of it as foreplay. Getting yourself warmed up for round

Billy ran his hands down her back, over her
hips. He grabbed her round ass and gave it a squeeze. Sandra moaned
softly. His breath growing more rapid and his cock—to his
everlasting amazement—already showing signs of life, he squeezed
them a little more firmly.

It wasn’t long before Billy was pressing his
body up against Sandra, his chest against her back, his cock
pushing up against her ass while his hands explored her incredible
tits, rubbing and groping them and tweaking her nipples.

See?” Sandra whispered,
turning her head to the side. “I told you it wouldn’t be a

And you were right,” Billy
said, his cock rock-hard for the third time in less than an hour.

And now, when you fuck me
proper, you’ll last even longer because you’ve already expended two

I don’t know how long I’ll
last,” Billy said. “You’ve got me all riled up.”

Well, it’ll be longer than
you would have otherwise,” Sandra said, offering him a wicked

Billy had no doubt she was right. He
wouldn’t have lasted more than five seconds inside her to start the
evening. Now he might actually be able to last a minute or two. If
he was lucky. But it was still better than the alternative.

Speaking of which,” Sandra
said, shutting off the water. “Let’s get started.”

She grabbed his hand and led him out of the
shower. After they quickly dried themselves off, Sandra took Billy
by the cock and led him over to the bed.

I’m not going to waste any
more of your erection sucking your cock,” she said as she dropped
onto the bed. She was lying on her back, her legs spread open, her
pussy staring Billy right in the face as he stood there,
dumbfounded, just looking at her.

Sandra slipped two fingers inside her pussy
and started playing around in there, getting herself nice and wet.
“I want you to come over here and stick that hard cock of yours in
my soaking wet pussy and fuck me until you can’t take it anymore,”
she said. “And then I want you to cum inside me. Can you handle

Unable to speak, Billy just nodded.

Then come on over here,”
Sandra said, beckoning him over.

Billy didn’t need to be told twice. He
climbed onto the bed and slid his body up until he was between
Sandra’s legs. Unable to resist her any longer, he grabbed ahold of
his cock and slid it into her pussy.

Entering Sandra was like slipping into a
pool of exotic oil. Moist and slippery and warm, her pussy
swallowed his cock utterly and completely, caressing it like a
long-lost soul mate.

Billy’s breath rate quickened as he moved
against her, his cock sliding deeper and deeper into her pussy of
it’s own accord, his thrusts moving faster and faster as his body
started operating solely on instinct.

Just like that,” Sandra
said, her voice soft and serious, her eyes locked on his. “You feel
so fucking good inside of me.”

She wrapped her arms around the back of
Billy’s neck and pulled his head down towards hers. While he
continued moving against her, Sandra pressed her lips against his
and started exploring his mouth with her tongue.

Kissing Sandra while fucking her took
Billy’s excitement to a whole different level. He wasn’t sure
exactly why but there was no denying it. It was extremely sensual,
almost unbearably so.

As if able to read Billy’s mind, Sandra
released her hold on him. He lifted his head up, breaking their
kiss and allowing himself to gain a little bit of control once
again, hopefully putting off his impending orgasm for at least a
little while longer.

Sandra was moving her body against Billy’s
now, pushing her hips forward as his drove down, forcing his cock
deeper inside her pussy. They had reached a good rhythm, their
bodies moving in time with each other like they’d done this a
hundred times before.

Billy closed his eyes and tried to
concentrate on something else, but it was impossible. Sandra simply
felt too good. She demanded all his attention. He was torn between
wanting to cum and wanting to make things last longer. But in the
end, nature won. It was in his DNA to expel his seed, and despite
his desire to hold out as long as possible, he was right on the
verge of finishing.

Sandra must have seen it in his face, as she
nodded her head, her eyes locked on his. “Cum inside me,” she said,
her voice an alluring combination of sweetness and desire. “I want
to feel your warmth spreading inside me.”

Hearing her talk like that was the final
straw. Billy slammed his cock into her a couple more times, giving
it to her harder than he had all night, and then his body tensed
for a couple nearly unbearable seconds before releasing in a rush,
sending his sperm shooting out of his cock and into Sandra’s wet

Holy fucking shit,” Billy
said as he spasmed against her, his body shaking as he expelled his
essence for the third time in less than an hour. The orgasm was
less intense than the other two, yet somehow better, more
meaningful, perhaps because it had come while actually having

BOOK: Toxic Filth - 4 Dirty Stories
5.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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