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There you go,” she said,
her voice more intense than before and rising with every word. With
one of her hands she’d began to rub at her clit like a madwoman.
“Holy shit that feels so fucking incredible!”

I worked her pussy for another full minute
before slipping a third finger inside, filling her up, all while
still banging away, not slowing down one bit. She continued working
her clit, just as aggressively as before.

Right there, right there!”
Teagan screamed. “That’s the spot, that’s the fucking

I continued pounding away, my fingers
disappearing inside Teagan’s pussy as she bucked against me,
forcing my fingers deeper and deeper inside her.

Holy shit I’m going to
fucking cum again!” Teagan screamed. Staring directly at me, her
face a mask of focused intensity, she said, “Don’t you dare stop.
Don’t you dare fucking stop!”

Even before she’d said that, there was no
way I was going to stop, not seeing how hard she was getting off.
Especially not with her so close to cumming.

Teagan’s orgasm came shortly after. It
arrived with a low-pitched, animalistic growl, her body tightening
up for a moment before releasing in a flurry of movement, sending a
wave of juices streaming out of her pussy, drenching my hand and

After taking a few seconds to catch her
breath, Teagan pulled my fingers out of her pussy and brought them
up to her mouth. She sucked her pussy juices off them, one finger
at a time, before letting them go.

You’re pretty fucking good
at that,” she said, smiling at me. Her hair was a mess and her
mascara was running down her face from the exertion.

Thanks,” I said. “It’s
kind of my specialty.”

I can tell,” Teagan said.
“But now I need your cock again. Are you ready to stick it back in

I can’t wait,” I

Neither can I,” Teagan
said, quickly flipping around onto her hands and knees on the
couch. Now she was in the doggy position, facing away from me so
her perfect ass was pointed right at my face, staring at me,
taunting and tempting me at the same time.

Well?” Teagan said,
turning her head so she could look back at me. “What are you
waiting for?”

My smile growing wider, I climbed up to my
knees and shuffled over towards Teagan until I was poised directly
behind her. I stared down at her ass for a few seconds, admiring
its beauty, then grabbed ahold of my hard cock and slipped it into
her wet, waiting pussy. She was so wet it went in easily and
immediately engulfed my cock with it’s warmth.

Just sit tight,” Teagan
said, her head still turned back, looking at me. “Let me do the
work for now.”

My pleasure,” I said,
holding my body still while Teagan moved her ass back against me.
She started slowly but quickly gained speed until she was hammering
her ass back into me with serious intensity, forcing my cock
balls-deep inside her pussy.

Do you like that?” she
asked, still looking back at me. “Do you like it when I do all the
work? When I slam my ass back into you?”

I love it,” I

So do I, baby,” she said.
“So do I.”

Teagan shifted her upper body so she was
facing directly forward, her tight body perpendicular to mine,
maximizing her leverage and allowing her to slam her body back into
me even harder, her ass pounding against with my hips with serious
aggression, hard enough that the sounds of our flesh filled the
room like a gunshot every time we came together.

Holy shit,” Teagan cried.
“Holy fucking shit! That feels so good. So fucking

A few seconds later, her body tensed up
again, and shortly after that, released in a spasm of movement as
another orgasm rocked her. But it didn’t even slow her down one

It’s your turn now, baby,”
Teagan said after her orgasm had passed. “Take control. Show me
what you can do. Give it to me like you mean it.”

So I did, grabbing Teagan by the hips and
slamming my cock deep inside her pussy, giving her the whole thing,
from tip to base, my balls smacking up against the underside of her
snatch with every pump.

That’s what I’m talking
about,” Teagan said. “Pound me with that fucking cock of yours.
Give it to me. I need it, I need it, I need it!”

Her spine was arched, showing off her back
muscles and shoulder blades and her head was high, her chin tilted
towards the ceiling. I keyed in on her hair, suddenly feeling the
urge to grab onto it. So I did, giving it a yank, which set Teagan
off again.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she
said between grunting screams. “That’s right, pull my hair. Pull my
fucking hair while you fuck me with your big, hard

The combination of Teagan’s talking, her
overwhelming excitement, and the pure physical sensation of fucking
her doggy-style were rapidly pushing me towards orgasm.

Somehow Teagan could sense it too. “Are you
ready to cum?” she asked.

Fuck yeah,” I

Then cum all over my
back,” she said. “Can you do that?”

Yeah,” I said, hammering
away at her harder than ever.

I want to feel your cum
all over my flesh,” Teagan said. “Cum for me, Brian. Cum for me
right now.”

As with the rest of the night, I couldn’t
refuse Teagan. I slammed my cock into her one final time and held
it there for a moment, deep inside her pussy, until I was mere
milliseconds away from cumming, then yanked it out and jerked
myself off, spraying my sperm all over her back.

Holy fucking shit,” I
groaned as my cock shot stream after stream of white cum onto
Teagan’s back and ass, sending some of it rocketing out so far that
it got in her hair.

Goddamn that was a huge
fucking load,” Teagan said, laughing softly, once my orgasm had
finally passed.

Tell me about it,” I

I feel like someone dumped
a bucket of it on my back,” she added, laughing some

Yeah, that was pretty
insane,” I said, flopping down onto the couch next to her. “I’m

As well you should be,”
Teagan replied, still on her hands and knees, looking at me with a
wide smile. “That was one hell of a session.”

You can say that again,” I

Especially for our first
time together,” she added.

We did have some pretty
good chemistry,” I said.

More than pretty good,”
Teagan said, climbing to her feet, careful not to let her back
touch the couch, lest any of my cum get on it. “It was

She held out her hand and I took it and she
pulled me to my feet.

Now let’s go get cleaned
up and head back to the party. I don’t want our friends to worry
about what happened to us.”

Fuck them,” I said. “I
think after we get cleaned up we should have a few drinks here and
dirty ourselves up again.”

Another round?

Sure,” I said. “Why

Can you get it up

Hell yeah,” I said. “Just
give me half an hour and I’ll be ready to go.”

Teagan eyed me with a sly gaze. “I like the
way you think, mister.”

And I like the way you
look,” I said. “Among other things.”

She laughed and leaned over and locked her
lips to mine. After making out for a little bit, she broke off our
embrace but didn’t go far, keeping her face right in front of mine,
our foreheads touching.

I know I said it earlier,
but I have to repeat it,” Teagan said. “Where have you been my
whole life?”

It doesn’t matter,” I
said. “Because I’m here now.”

As am I,” she said. “As am
I. And that’s all that matters.”

Exactly,” I replied.
“That’s the only thing that matters.”







BOOK: Toxic Filth - 4 Dirty Stories
2.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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